I love technology. I love touch screens. I love playing games. I love reading stories on a screen. I love looking out of windows. And I also love eating apples for breakfast.

There are two great Giants who battle on the open field: Apple and Windows. Windows, is now 8 years old and is playful, tricky and has a lot of room to grow. It is often a pleasure to discover what is new in Windows. My favourite recent discovery is Hexic — I am stuck on level 23. Windows is hungry for my data and likes to know what I am doing and where I am. So I only feed it what it needs to know.

However, Apple might be simple from the outside but it is like a bright white ice dragon with cold blue eyes; or perhaps a better analogy to quote Willam Gibson from Neuromancer: “a simple cube of white light, that very simplicity suggesting extreme complexity”. So like with most things simple, the deeper you go the more dangerous it becomes: so be careful which button you push, it just might explode! Not to mention that it is also a control freak and demands nothing but perfection from its Humans: comply or die! Apple is acidic and hard on the stomach, you have to willing to starve for two weeks to go after Apple.

I regularly go to places where these two Giants battle on the open field. I enjoy watching the battle and even participate once in a while. Though personally, I prefer eating an apple for breakfast and watching the view through windows. It is time for the Waters-to-Rise, drown out those Giants, and see what comes out of the Blue for something New.