A child born with eyes of blue
Soon they turned a honey-like hue
Changing in the light
From day to the night
Forever crying with all her might

This child a changling child
A little kind and heartly wild
Walked the Earth in the dirt
Full of anger, bitter and hurt
Deep in her gut
Like an orphan mut

With her soul lost
At such a cost
Refracted pieces
Folded in creases
Spinning the Wheel
With a worn out heel

Searching for the pieces of her soul
In a bottomless hole
Down she went in the Pit
Hoped to make the most of it
Fall she did in the well
All the way to the pits of Hell

The Lion roared
The Dragon soared
The Black cat growled
The Wolf howled
This changling child died
There was nowhere left to hide

Then the spiral dance began
As a new born man
Round the world
Unfettered and unfurled
Her wings grew
In the wind she flew

Her eyes still a changing hue
Of green, amber, yellow, but never ever blue
Hair as brown as earth
As that was the place of her birth
A freckled face
For the sunshine is her place