The beautiful Lilies are being cut and torn
Left abandoned, destroyed and forlorn
A crusible against Gaya’s joy and pleasure
To mutilate the World’s most precious treasure
These Lilies are being plucked awake and alive
By their own mother’s hand to grotesquely deprive

Mothers and grandmothers alike have been convinced to mutilate their daughters and granddaughters in the name of saving face and social status,
by destroying that which is beautiful and natural:

the Lily

The Lily is a beautiful flower with such strength of character and smell. The smell is that of both life and death. For most of the year it lies dorment, until the warmer months when it shoots up and opens its Six petals to the Sun.

To destroy it, is weakness, cowardice and impotence. It shows a lacking in character, weakness of will and shame to those who impose this heinous act upon others.