The Lohikäärme, the spirit of the land, come in the dark months when the crown of the northern lands lights up the sky. They charge the waters, the rivers, streams and lakes with the Fire of the Sun. The Lohikäärme breathes Fire and Ice onto the Land. And they always appear when home is threatened. Always.

The Winter ends and Louhi, the Witch of the North, sings. She sings to the Lohi (Salmon) to come home, and the Käärme (Snake) to awake from the long Winter slumber. Gently she calls them, singing to the trees who pass her song in the winds: carrying the messages far and wide.

Louhi cares for the Lohikäärme with Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Song. She watches the Waters and the Land with a careful eye and a warrior’s heart, waiting for the Snakes to wake and the Lohi to return.

The Lohi begin life in the river, and some do one day return to the river, even the very same river from which they were spawned. From the river they end up in the sea or ocean. Here they spend much of their life gaining size and strength. If they successfully live a long life, then they have one last journey before the end.

The Waters rush and tumble in the Land of Bogs: Suomaa. The Land buzzes with life and free will. The people drink and bathe in these rushing waters. The Juhannus Kokko is lit on the longest day of the year calling the Spirit of the Land to the Rivers, feeding the Lohi’s spirit as they make their way home.

The days are long, the oldest and strongest of the Lohi swim their final journey to where their life once began: the head of the river. And bring the hope of new life. The Lohi in their 100s and 1000s head to the rivers in strength and numbers, making a Golden Path up the river, swimming with all their might. The journey is trecherous and difficult as both the Bears and Men hunt them with spring’s hunger to survive and thrive. Only the will lives on and does not give in. The Lohi journey on against the stream. They push and swim with all their might and knowing for one last battle against the river’s flow: to the End and the circle begins anew.