Each thought is like a star sending light beams near and far

With photonic messages in different sized packages

Some big some small just like a telephone call

But there are no wires, cables or fibers

Nor are the sounds likes songs of birds nor spoken words

Ideas come from far away creating change both night and day

They make a bee line from stars to souls through two tiny black holes

Pupils absorbing 3D visions in the mind thought collisions

Attention paid and connections made

A sense is now on the rise elating the wise










Laws of attraction

Field Particle Exchange

Electromagnetic Field

Space is what is when nothing else is

Time a measurement in relation to the present moment (now)

Energy is the transfer of the negative to the positive and vis versa

Nothing is beyond space, time and energy: what is unknown

Light is form of visualised energy

Photons are light particles

Does Mass matter?

If you matter,

How do I stop you?

How do I get your attention?

What is it that makes you stop and look or listen?

What makes you pay attention…to me?

Is there a habit you have learnt that makes you pay attention to me.

What do I do that makes you stop and listen or watch?

What is the attraction?

Are there some light or electrical forces that I send that make you stop?

Do I have a magnetic force that makes you stop?

How can I be magnetic?