The connection of the mind, the body and the soul connect to become one through the concept of breath and spirit. Memories are stored through out the body, and each person has the freedom to choose where to store what. And each person has everything they need inside them: everything. The only thing that prevents the freedom to choose is lacking belief in oneself, while still in harmony with the rest.

The dance is a one way to store memories, when you make a move you are triggering a memory. When you fight you trigger other memories. When you play you trigger others again. How you dance, fight and play have much to do with where you have put what memory, and shows what kind of person you show the world.

Some memories are hard, sad, unpleasant and it is not always easy to open locked up memories, but when the time is right to re-live through a situation in order to awaken old pains, then it is best to do it with the right people. And only each individual has the power of choice and chance to know who those people are.

To love is not necessarily to always give in to self-sacrifice and give others what they want. I will not continue to say what love is; it is different for everyone. So in this physical life I do my best to take in everything with love, even though sometimes it is difficult and my imagination runs wild with hate. Over time it is possible to reinterpret events, actions and events into something useful for self growth and understanding.

Time indeed heals old wounds, but it can also awakend dead ones for reinterpretion and a new story.