Numbers, Letters and Symbols are the tools, keys and locks used to describe elements of nature. An artist uses paint, a surface and brushes (or spray cans or fingers), a writer uses words on a surface. The imaginative skills required are immense to translate the world into seemingly senseless equations.

How can the bridge be closed between basic human life and equations?

I have several suggestions


141217 Squareville


COOKING, MONEY and BOOKS just to name a few.

Mathematics is like any art, play until you find your own understanding and sense.

Stargate Universe “Malice”

You know Rush has been giving me problems to solve, equations. I didn’t understand any of it at first, but I would stare at it for hours and then suddenly, something would pop into my head and-and I would write it down.

Yeah, I know. Look, I get it. You want to help—

No, the point is, I think I’m starting to understand it, Eli.

When numbers, letters and symbols are more like toys to play with, and less like dangerous tools to destroy the planet with, then they are a whole lot less intimidating.