…is like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

Today I stumbled upon a squirrel in an exacting dwelling. The little squirrel was giving a tour, it ended up being quite a bumpy tour into the magical and mysterious where the imagination is stretched beyond known limits into the infinitesimal world of Particle Physics.

Formulas, tables, charts and graphs, with a sense that an idea is about to be born: magik. The idea of making something out of nothing. This is what these Witches and Wizards of the Unseen University are trying to do. And will we see the beginnings of a teleporter or replicator in our life time? Or a magic wand? Perhaps. But there are many more imaginings, discoveries and calculations to perform before we get there.

The squirrel took us through concepts of space and time (as apposed to spacetime), predicting or forcasting the future, and Higgs bosun. And touched briefly on different methods and visualisation techniques to analysis and present data, including logic trees and neural networks.

Finally, my favourite point was about identifying the signal from the background, in other words, being able to focus on what is truly essential.

“What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

(Life’s Journey according to Mister Rogers – Things to remember along the way, Fred Rogers, 2005)

In physics, and in all parts of life, it is crucial to know what is truly essential to ensure the true signal stands out. Only each person can know what is truly essential to themselves. And who you are affects what you think which in turn influences how you act. I may have asked this before…

And when you know, then you know what is essential to find the right signal.

lucy_movie_5 - signal

Below are my classnotes and follow this link for more on particle physics and magik.

2014-02-18 Particle Physics 1 2014-02-18 Particle Physics 2

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