In the old town of Sinking Hell, where carpets once flew, is a hidden dwelling for travellers. This psychedelic spiral home is in an area of wooden houses, there are learning centres near by, as well as a shopping centre, libraries and a swimming hall. There is also public transport to and from the centre and the airport. This dwelling is under the rule of the Elven Queen of the New Land: full of hope, dreams and a burning spirit. She welcomes visitors of all kinds in need of a warm bed and a sense of home. The hearth and sauna is shared by all. It is a place to share, learn and grow together.


The Elven Queen’s magic spreads

As she shakes out sheets from colourful beds

The colours like a rainbow skys

In the north, the truth lies

Where hearts of gold

Have stories of old

Buried deep in a hell

Of blood red hearths is where they dwell

Be welcome in this lively home

On your journey, long you’ll roam.