On Monday the 26th I got a lift to the Pit, some 400 km north of Hell. I was going there to spend time with a friend and finish putting together the demo of our online game in Finnish.

The Pit is laid out like a grid, the buildings are mainly grey and cube like. Most of the people are as grey and cube like as the buildings. They walk the squares every day. Not too bad if you are learning geometry, I suppose.

After the dull and lifeless first impressions, a bright yellow building came into view:

2015-01-27 Snellmanin Koulu Kuopio - postcard share

It turned out to be a school, so I went in and found someone to speak to. Once inside, the first hall seemed mysterious, with large wooden doors – locked. The principal had a picture of the Milkyway on hänen door with a mark indicating were Earth was: good to know I was in the right place. We had a brief chat in the teacher’s lounge and then hän showed me around. Turns out the principal is in a band (currently looking for a drummer and guitarist) and encourages music and the arts in the school. Very promising.

And to help me find my way through the city, there was a helpful treasure map.

Treasure Map

Here are a few treasures I came across in the Pit during my week long stay:


By the end of the week, I got an over all impression of the city, it was full of friendly people who want change, job opportunities are low, and they seriously need some flowers to come and grow all over their dull grey buildings. Toni and I finished the first five demos: themagicofsuomi.wordpress.com. And we watched too many episodes of Stargate, ate loads of popcorn and I reinvented muffin tops.

Yesterday I came back to Hell. More adventures yet to come.