In the end of the last post about my journey, I found a place at Sorbus Hill. In the morning, I made my way once again to the local library to explore the net and work out my next step. Sorbus Hill is mainly an industrial and residential area, with a small somewhat sad library. The walls are dreary and the atmosphere is dull and uneventful (even for a library). I did not want to stay too long. Couchsurfing was my port of call, and there was the next stop of my journey. Pick up my things and headed to Goat Hill where young academics reside in grey towers filled with boxes provided by the local institutional organisations. Each box (or room) has a green wall and green curtains), accommodation is modestly furnished and functional. The two students I stayed with were kind and hospitable, they both came from far away with their own life adventures. One originally came from Pakistan and was raised in a military family; the other (who invited me), if I recall correctly, came all the way from Bangladesh and his love of science and knowledge brought him far over the seas to here.

We shared stories, discussed and debated. In the morning I gave my thanks and went on my way.

I went back to my secret treasure chest and gathered a few of my favourite things. Brisk picked me up and loaded the treasure into the transport. We headed west to a secret location at the bottom of a lake. Here the skies open up on clear nights and Orion greets star gazers with hänen dog Sirius; while the two bears point north spinning ’round the North Star.

For the time being I will reside here, with Brisk, Stripe, Plow and Persistence, until the next opportunity presents itself.