Before we start the journey, I would like to point out that I will be using the Finnish non-gender third person singular pronoun: hän; as well as the possessive form: hänen. We have yet to come up with an appropriate non-gender third person pronoun in English (and no they/their just doesn’t cut it).

I have packed my bag, left the Rock (which has been my home for around four years) and began the journey home again. But where is home? Some say it is where the heart is; a place that is hard to find, for some. But I am looking for my soul, which strangely rhymes with hole, a black hole perhaps: the centre of the universe.

My first stop was Blaze Mountain, a friend needed someone to house and cat sit for two weeks while hän recovered on holidays from renovating and moving into hänen new flat. I took care of the cats (Lillis and Mustikka) and the plants, did some cleaning and unpacked a few boxes which were hurriedly stacked up in the kitchen. On Sunday, when hän was coming back, it was time to move on. So I went to the library to find my next stop.

And there hän was, just as I was leaving the library: a connection. We chatted for a while and after a hot chocolate at a local café, hän showed me the way to hänen home. It was a one room flat on Smithy Hill, a bit of a walk from the station on Parish Hill. In the immediate area is a local supermarket and pharmacy, as well as a children’s play ground and a forest. In the evening we played a console game, shared stories and interests. Hän wasn’t a bad cook neither, some kind of curry pasta. Overall a pleasant stay.

Sorbus Hill
An old building on Parish Hill