She feels the charge in the air

Breathing souls anew with care

The Kathlera has taken the path

To release those from the prism’s wrath

Who have locked themselves in a cage

Now only to rattle and rage


She braids locks of chocolate brown

Atop her stately crown

About is a scent of cinammon spice

Dressed from the land of fire and ice

With eyes of burning green

Fiery yet serene

The Black Cat - Janna Ruusuvuori

So when the air is dry, the news grim

Breathing is uneasy and the light is dim

She will seek you out

When no one else is about

And kiss you between your eyes

Undoing all the knots and ties

Then with a sweet smile of fairy floss

While giving her hair a gentle toss

She casts her spell

To wish you well

With her silky voice

You’ll have no choice

As her gift is not for nothing

She will call upon you to sing

She will not be kidding

In the end you’ll do her bidding

With your soul and heart

To finish from the start