Once upon a time, living in the middle of the woods were seven dwarves: Happy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, Dopey, Sneezy and Doc. They made a home inside an old burnt out Red Wood. Each had their names on their beds. One day, Grumpy said, “I am tired of being grumpy all the time, I want to be happy”. “But I’m Happy!” said Happy, slightly confused. Sleepy said “I don’t want to be tired all the time, does someone else want to be sleepy?”. Sneezy was tired of being sick and having the flue, and Bashful wanted to be Bold. Even Doc was tired of being reasonable and responsible all the time. And finally Happy admitted that “It hurts to smile all the time…sometimes I just want to frown and turn my smile upside-down.”

So it was decided. The next day they would change their names after sleeping on it. But before they could sleep on it, each dwarf needed to discover their new name. Bashful, a little less bashfully, suggested “Why don’t we go to the woods to find our new names?”. Dopey smiled a big smile and agreed. Happy said “I want to go alone so I don’t feel like I have to smile.” Doc noded “Yes, I would like to find my name on my own.” Sleepy added excitedly: “And we can find our new bed boards while we are at it!”

And that is exactly what they did. Each dwarf went out to the woods with their very own axe and carving knife. They went their own way to find the right piece of wood to write their brand new name on; off they went.

The next day, each dwarf woke up with new boards at the end of their beds. One dwarf woke straight up put on her fresh shirt and marched down stairs; another dwarf woke up and smiled; the third dwarf woke up rolled over and went back to sleep; the forth got up and tripped over; the fifth slowly woke up a little embarrassed; the sixth opened her eyes, glared and grumbled; and finally the last one rubbed her eyes, blew into a hanky and fell out of bed.

They all lived happily ever after.