She, who always yielded to man of blood and earth; who did his bidding, always. Until one day she went walking in the forest, and came upon a strange path, a very strange path indeed. The path was paved with golden leaves which glistened with dew in the sunlight. The rest of the forest was quite normal with pine, spruce and birch trees scattered through out.

She walked along the path, it felt safe and good to walk this golden road. It felt even better than being in the garden with man. So she walked and walked and walked. By the path she saw some dark blue berries, so she ate some. Then she saw some golden mushrooms by the path, the same colour as the leaves, so she tasted them carefully, they seamed fine so she ate a few and continued on her merry way.

It was getting warm and she was getting tired, in front of her appeared a patch of dry moss, it looked so soft and inviting that she stepped into the moss patch and laid down, and slept. She continued sleeping for a very, very long time.

The world spun faster and faster and faster. And after some time it suddenly resumed its normal pace.

She felt something that felt like rain, she opened her eyes. Everything was white. Covered in snow. Many little snowflakes danced in the sky. She looked in awe and wonder. And then she sneezed. All the snow near her blew away. A wind blew and she thought to herself aloud “I don’t feel cold. How strange?”.

“Of course you don’t.” exclaimed a voice from behind a tree. She looked around. “Who was that? Come out and show yourself!” she responded while standing up. “Follow me if you can.” said the voice.

There was a rustle through the bushes. She got up and cautiously followed the rustling leaves, once again along the path with the golden leaves. Then it stopped. She looked around where the rustling stopped and there was a tree with bright red berries. She carefully picked a few and tasted one, they were sour but refreshing. She took a few more when the bushes rustled again.

She continued to follow.

The path ended at a small clearing. She was a bit nervous now being out in the open, but then she might finally get to see this creature. Then indeed she did. The creature slid into the middle of the small clearing. It was long, slim and shined in the sunlight; it had no legs and a wide grin with small clear beady eyes. Then it began to raise itself up so it could look at her directly eye-to-eye. “Come into the clearing, dear, come and you shall see.”

She approached, timidly at first, and then took a bold brave spritely step into the clearing. The creature smiled a broad smile and went around the clearing three times one way, then three times the other. She watched the creature, and then noticed that some small red mushrooms with white stems and spots began to spring up all around the clearing in a very neat circle.

She began to sing and dance around the ring.

A single berry flew out of her hand and rolled into the middle of the ring.

Then suddenly out of the middle of the ring a shoot sprung up, and it grew and grew and grew. It grew into a tall beautiful tree bearing fruit. The creature then slithered up the tree and then hung off one of the branches. She looked up in awe at the big fruit that looked like bigger versions of the bright red berries. The creature slithered up further and plucked one and passed it down to her. She took the fruit and was about to take a bite, when a thought struck her. She threw it high into the top most branch and with a gentle thud the largest highest fruit came toppling down.

She caught both, returned one to the creature and took a huge bite out of the other, and then she chewed and chewed and chewed her way into a new adventure.