Revolution of Light by Lilyas
Revolution of Light by Lilyas

In the beginning there was a Triangle on Earth, it was equal on all sides and pointy on top and flat at the bottom. Then there was another Triangle in the sky. It was pointy on the bottom and flat on top; it lived in the sky. They were so very far apart. One day the universe shook with such a rumble that the Triangle that was in the sky fell and the Triangle on Earth got bumped to the sky. It was such a force that the two Triangles banged hard into each other and became one shining star!

Fruit of Life - Metatron's Cube by Lilyas
Fruit of Life – Metatron’s Cube by Lilyas

Long long ago when the world was young there was a Star and beautiful six pointed star. It hung high in the sky. Then something exploded near the Star and the Star split into two Triangles. The two triangles fell down, down, down they went. And they hit something hard, like rock. The two Triangles, one pointing up and the other pointing down felt very strange, like some part of them was missing. Each Triangle looked for the other Triangle, they looked and looked and looked, and they could not find the other Triangle anywhere. They felt so sad, and then at the same time each thought…well I guess I should turn this frown upside down and they stood on their heads, so the Triangle that was pointy on top became pointy on the bottom, and the triangle that was pointy on the bottom became pointy on top. This felt good for a little while, but then they got tired because they were not used to being upsidedown. Then they started to do cartwheels and they rolled round and round and round. They rolled everywhere. Over the mountains, down into the valleys, along the river banks. And one sunny day when they were not paying any attention they smacked into each other.


And this one is my favourite…

Once upon a time, long long ago, far in the north there lived a Triangle. It was equal on all sides and was heavy at the bottom with a small pointy head. It looked up every night at the stars and wished and wished and wished that one day it could be a star too. One dark clear winter, when all you could see where the stars the Triangle looked up, it began to see lots and lots of Triangles! “Every three stars makes a triangle!” it shouted to itself. Then it found Diamonds, Squares, Trapezoids and all sorts of other four sided shapes. The Triangle made so many different shapes that it also saw a Dragon, two Bears, a Pegasus, a Swan and many many more. But still the Triangle was not happy, because it wanted so very much to be a star. The Triangle kept wishing and wishing and hoping and hoping upon all the stars in the sky that winter. But it was not enough to wish and hope, the Triangle needed to take action, it stood on its head, it started doing cartwheels, it hopped and skipped and jumped, but still that was not enough. It started to tell stories and sing; then it felt a little tingling on its back. And then it started to dance and it felt a tingling on its tailbone. The Triangle sang and danced all around the world until it grew three more points. It grew into a beautiful six pointed star it wished all those years ago. The Triangle, now a Star, never stopped doing what it loved to do most: telling stories, singing songs and dancing. And the more the Star, that was once a Triangle, did what it loved doing the more points the star grew.

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…there are other versions of this story, some Triangles grow horns, and other Triangles are heavy on top and pointy at the bottom. Triangles come in all shapes and sizes. Make up your own Triangle story! …and if you feel like a Square then a Square story will certainly do too!