In the dirt the Demons grow
Knowing all the to and fro
The Spiders creep
The Worms weep
And the Ants crawl
While the earth sound drawl

In the moon, sing and dance
With the Snake in a trance
When the Time is just right
The dark birds come in flight
The Hawk, Raven and the Blackbird
Sing a song that’s quite absurd

But only then will the Lily show
What has been hiding in the snow
She dances with a demon spirit
Proud and loud and no fear in it
She is of the earth
And will challenge Adam’s worth

Can he then face the Sun
Our bright shining one
To bare himself whole
Every wart and every mole
While still flying on his own
Like a bird in the sky, together and alone.

But a warning of those who fail
Run home to mother’s breast and wail
You will be cursed with a baby-face
Until you grow up and take your place.