Long ago a Great Swan was flying high in the night’s sky, watching and listening to the Land below. The Land was all the colours of the Rainbow. But as he was gliding over the northern lands, he heard a song calling to him far in the North.

The song pulled on his heart strings; feeding his spirit. He was determined to know from where this voice came. The Forest was so dark and thick. Then the snow fell endlessly, spinning in the wind until they hit the frozen ground, covering the land in snow white stars. The Great Swan continued to seek the voice through the long winter; hoping song would continue.

Then as the last snowflakes fell, it stopped. He was saddened, heart broken and he lost his will to fly; his wings went limp and lifeless. So he fell to the Land.

At this moment Akka and Ukko were watching the stars from the Land just as the great Swan fell. They saw the great white bird fall from the starry sky and went to find him. But it was too late. By the time the gods found him, he had hit the snow covered ground. He was barely alive and fading. Akka and Ukko called upon Pegasus to carry the Great Swan into the stars. She came, and with the bird on her back she carried him into the Heavens. She flew so high, so far and so fast: past the Hunter, the Unicorn, and the two Bears and placed the Great Swan amongst the Stars.