The Pumpkin Man ran out of town and took all of the money.
There was none left and the Ugly Witch was left holding the bag.
It was a sad empty bag and the Pumpkin Man ran away laughing.
The Ugly Witch didn’t realise that she had everything she needed inside.
She had her heart of gold which was beating loving and strong;
She had her soul safe inside a deep dark hole;
And her dome was full of memories connected like the constellations in the starry sky.
Meanwhile the Joulupukki was still in Rovaniemi minding his own business,
and has nothing to do with this story.
The Ugly Witch cried into her empty bag;
She cried and cried and cried;
Eventually, she had no tears left.
But her empty bag was no longer empty, it was in fact very heavy and very full.
It was full of all the sorrows of the world that she kept inside her all these years.
She looked into the bag and in the reflection of all the sorrowful tears she saw herself.
But she wasn’t ugly like all the faces everyone showed her;
She was beautiful, with a freckles on her nose, rose lips and thoughtful amber eyes full of wonder.
Then she smiled a big warm smile from the top of her dome, which warmed her heart,
All the way to her soul which filled her dark empty hole.
 Then she took the bag and placed one tear drop in every lake on earth.
And to this day, when you drink water from a lake and you feel very deeply,
You can taste a little bit of the witch’s sorrow.

The witch with amber eyes still carries her little pouch for a rainy day, you never know when you need a bag of tears