Lucky moneyDebt is an emotional blackmailing illusion
To maintain a financial delusion
It keeps our noses to the ground
With the thinking that money makes the world go round

What would tomorrow be
If we all declared bankruptcy
Could we press replay
And begin this game in a new way

Time to stop fearing
That money is disappearing
Realise that there is plenty
For the whole planet times twenty

Money is time and time is money
And life is a game that is kinda funny
Time is never ending
It can even be bending

So money does flow
And everywhere it can go
It is moving in a loop
Kinda like a hoola-hoop

It is really all about balance, nature and people
There’s no need to climb that super high steeple
Because we’re all sailing in this big boat together
As the world spins round in this ever changing weather.